Ways to Donate

As an additional option to our on-site collections in this socially-distanced world, we have started a Virtual Toy Drive.  You can go to a variety of retailers and select items from our registry. Our goal is to have the items shipped directly to us so you won’t even need to leave your house to contribute. Please click on the retailer name and it will take you to The Sharing Foundation’s Virtual Toy Drive on that retailer’s site.

Click to go to Amazon 

Click to go to Target


NOTE: While they are not able to participate in our Virtual Toy Drive this year due to technical issues with their website, we still want to mention that Franklin’s Toys in Annapolis and Severna Park continue to support our program by hosting collection barrels at their stores. Please stop by this wonderful, local toy store and pick up something for the children while supporting a great local business.

We are looking for organizations that are interested in hosting a toy collection barrel.

These can be for internal use within your organization or open to the public so we can list them on our website. Please call us if you’re interested in hosting collection barrel this year. Our number is 443-603-1560. Please remember that we’re all volunteers and may not always be able to answer the phone, but we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


We’re also updating our online financial donation options and hope to have that up here shortly. In the meantime, you can always use the form below and drop a check in the mail. This is actually the most cost-effective method of donating because we don’t have to pay any credit card processing or platform fees to fundraising sites and all of your donation goes directly to support our programs.

The Sharing Foundation GoFundMe Link


We’ve reopened our GoFundMe page. With so few toy drives this year, we’ll need to buy more toys than ever so any donations you can make will be greatly appreciated.



Print Donation Form


You can donate by check by printing out our Donation Form and mailing it in. This method gets 100% of your donation to our programs without any service provider fees.